Suspended in Motion


We are Suspended in Motion! My name is Ashley, author/creator, and I’m here to tell you a bit about myself, this collection of information before you, and the opportunities I hope to present for all of my readers.


First up! A little about me!

I’m a 27-year old fitness fanatic that has gone back and forth with weight loss/gain, adequate nutrition, training consistency, injuries, and [of course] physical self-worth. After A LOT of years of that shit; I decided enough was enough!

I decided to stop trying to fit any molds or lose a particular amount of weight and instead focus on being H E A L T H Y – I know, terrifying concept…

I started asking a ridiculous amount of questions.
Questions about workouts, meal plans, preparation, supplements – you name it.
I also decided to further my knowledge of the human body and its systems from both a clinical and pathological standpoint, so I became a licensed Paramedic and worked in the field until October 2017.

Since I started asking those questions, everything has changed. I found my motivation,  my preferred exercise [Aerial Fitness, but we’ll get into that later!], the science behind my nutrition, and all the tools I could possibly need to change my life. I was only missing one thing…

A tribe!

You know, a group of people passionate about the same things, collaborating on ideas, constantly bettering each other. Without this support and consistent forward motion, I continue to plateau and fall short of my goals.

I created this blog for every single one of us to grow. I believe that collaboration is key to any success!

  • What are your goals?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What is no longer serving you?
  • What are you gonna do about it?
  • What CAN you do about it?

These questions can be applied to many facets of life; physical fitness, nutrition, career paths, friendships, even mental health.

My goal with Suspended in Motion is to spread the knowledge I have gained over years of personal study and development, as well as benefit from the connections made to so many like-minded individuals.

Participation is very much encouraged! :

Did I fuck up an article?? – Tell me!
Want to hear about a particular topic? – Just ask!
Want to write your own article? – Dude, let’s talk

This whole blog is just a project, constantly in motion and continuously updated from the inside out.

It will make you think, make you question, and hopefully make you grow.



Thanks for all of your support! Now head over to the Getting Started page for registration and some general guidelines on how to not be an asshole to other readers! Yay!