Hey, everyone!

If you haven’t yet, jump on over to the Getting Started page, under the featured article, and you’ll find a small description of what this blog is all about and what I hope to accomplish for all of my readers. I’d like to take the opportunity now to tell you all a bit about myself, what brought me here, and where I hope to be going with this new-found trajectory. So, here goes nothing!

I created this blog for you guys; to help you when you’re down, support you in all your efforts, and celebrate with you in your successes.

I am a 26-year-old Paramedic from a North Texas college town and for the past year I have had the privilege of studying Aerial Fitness [Pole Dancing, Aerial Silks, Lyra Hoop, and Aerial Yoga] from a life-changing little pink studio called Twisted Bodies. Prior to finding this haven, I had no real grasp on physical fitness and I had struggled with my weight for years. I occasionally went to the gym, attempted a couple fitness programs and even tried my hand at weightlifting, but nothing stuck and I would continuously let myself down.

        Then Twisted Bodies happened. I not only got into better shape physically, but the ladies there really helped me to overcome the obstacles I had             faced in my attempts on my own. My lack of ambition wasn’t just laziness, but a combination of things like self-doubt, fear, incorrect form or                   progression, and a general lack of knowledge. That studio turned into a safe haven for me to ask questions, get real answers, and grow.

            Not everyone is lucky enough to have that haven.

My hopes for Suspended in Motion is that it will be an online version of the comfort and support I got the second I walked into Twisted Bodies. I want every person that visits this page to come out feeling stronger, more confident, and better prepared.

I will have weekly blog articles and an Open Forum, for now, to start giving you guys some content and opening up a dialogue. Keep coming back for more updates and new perks as we continue to grow!


You guys are seriously the best,





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