Welcome, guests and friends!

I’m so glad you are interested in getting started with Suspended in Motion and I look forward to getting to know you all as we continue our virtual conversation! Creating a Username for this blog is not necessary; you are welcome to view our blog, read in on the Open Forum, and view pictures or videos uploaded along with our web content without telling us who you are (not creepy at all).

However, a Username is necessary to do more than just browsing around! You can do things like:

  • Comment on all blogs; good, bad, ugly, I wanna hear what you have to tell me!
  • Contribute to the Open Forum. Ask questions, answer questions, or go for some bragging rights on that sick headstand video you just made.
  • Connect with friends, make your own group and forge a fitness community.
  • Collect all of your SiM activity documented on your profile page for later reference.
  • Create a profile picture and your own unique blog identity.
And, eventually, as we grow up and get our stuff together:
  • Biweekly newsletters about very cool things. No lame E-mails; promise guys. And you can opt out of this! I’m not cruel.
  • First access to product reviews.
  • Access to a private Facebook page geared towards continuing the incredible conversations I know you will all produce.

So whenever you’re ready, you can Register for Suspended in Motion here!

Thank you all for your support,



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