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Ashley here again with a smaller interim blog about struttin’ your shit.

I want to talk about how awesome you should feel about YOU. That’s right! You should be bursting with pride about the things you have done and the things you are planning to do. Do you have a favorite yoga pose you want to show off? Have you started a new endeavor that you’re crazy proud of and want to document your progress? Or maybe you have finally accomplished a difficult hand balance and it needs to be shared with the world?

No matter what you can do we want to be proud with you!!

For years, I was so scared of being proud of myself; especially when it came to physical achievements. I always thought, “I’m not good enough!” or “I’m just going to seem like I’m bragging…” or (my personal least-favorite) “The people that see this are going to think I’m [negative adjective].”


This is my life. This is my body.

  • Of course, I’m good enough! I am always better today than I was yesterday.
  • Of course, I’m bragging! What’s the point in bettering yourself if you can’t share your progress or be PROUD OF YOURSELF?! (Seeing a theme here?)
  • Of course, people will be negative. People suck. But you don’t! If I do anything with this blog, I hope to help just one person accomplish their wildest dreams because they have lost the burden of self-doubt, fear of failure, or fear of others. These things can be so detrimental but so inconsequential in the grand scheme of your incredible life. Don’t waste one second on the negative thoughts of others; don’t miss out on your life because of them.

I want each and every one of you, before you leave this website today, to comment on this post with your favorite picture of you; even if it has nothing to do with fitness. BE PROUD, DAMMIT!! And you can leave your fears at the door!

So, here’s my contribution!
This is my first real attempt at shedding my fears.
I had a little free time at the gym the other day, so here are some fun shapes on the Lyra Hoop —

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